Novelties on taxonomy and biogeography of Acer, Cousinia, Onosma and Tragopogon in Iran

Mohtashamian, Mojgansadat, et al. “Biogeography, distribution and conservation status of maples (Acer L.) in Iran.” Trees:  DOI 10.1007/s00468-017-1571-1

Saman A. Ahmad, Azad Rastegar, and Farideh Attar. 2017. COUSINIA AZMARENSIS (ASTERACEAE, CARDUEAE), A NEW SPECIES FROM KURDISTAN, IRAQ. Harvard Papers in Botany, Vol. 22, No. 1, 2017, pp. 71–73.

Maroofi, H., & Rastegar, A. (2017). Tragopogon erostris Boiss. & Hausskn.(Asteraceae: Cichorieae, Scorzonerinae), the correct name for T. maroofii Mahmoodi & Safavi and T. kurdicus Safavi & Maroofi. Phytotaxa302(3), 294-297.

Naqinezhad, A., & Attar, F. (2016). Onosma ghahremanii sp. nov.(Boraginaceae), a new species from Alborz Mts., Iran. Phytotaxa268(4), 286-290.

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