Potentilla alborzensis Faghir & Attar

A new species of the genus Potentilla L. (Rosaceae) from the Tehran province (Iran)

Potentilla alborzensis Faghir & Attar, sp. nov. (Rosaceae) is collected from steppe Mountains of Tang-e Washi, in the middle of Alborz Mountains for the first time. The new species is related to section Aureae (Rydb.) Juz. for its palmate radical leaves, having straight hairs and glandular trichomes; corymbiform inflorescence; hairy and glandular sepals; clavate and papillose style, shorter than or as long as matured ovary. Detailed micro- and macromorphological descriptions of the newly collected species, as well as photographs and distribution map are provided. In addition, comparison of diagnostic traits with allied species especially P. crantzii (Crantz) Beck ex Fritsch, P. adenophylla Boiss. & Hohenack., P. gelida C. A. Mey., P. geranioides Willd. and identification key are presented.



Onosma new species

Onosma khorramabadensis, O. lorestanica, O. sahandica and O. kerendica are described and photographed as new species from Lorestan, Eest Azarbayejan and Kermanshah provinces of Iran.

Attar F., Sotoodeh A., Mirtadzadini M. (2020) Four new species in subsection Asterotricha for the genus Onosma L. (Boraginaceae) from flora of Iran. Feddes Repert, 131: 146-158. doi.org/10.1002/fedr.202000005  (* equal contribution)

Some articles from 2018 and 2019


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Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran

Verbascum carmanicum (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor. subsp. carmanicum
Verbascum carmanicum (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor. subsp. kermanense (Hub.-Mor.) Sotoodeh, Attar, Andalo & Civeyrel, comb. nov., stat. nov.
Verbascum gabrielae (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor.

Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran
Sotoodeh A., Attar F., Andalo C., Mirtadzadini M. & Civeyrel L. 2018. — Focus sur trois taxa de du genre Verbascum L. (Scrophulariaceae) de la Flore d’Iran. Adansonia 40 (13): 171-181. https://doi.org/10.5252/adansonia2018v40a13

Novelties on taxonomy and biogeography of Acer, Cousinia, Onosma and Tragopogon in Iran

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Verbascum articles (new species, new records and synonymy)

Two new species, three new records and one synonymy of Verbascum:

Sotoodeh A., F. Attar and L. Civeyrel (2017). Verbascum songaricum subsp. Subdecurrens: a New Record; Typification and True Identity of V. aspinum as a New Synonym of V. stachydiforme in the Flora of Iran. Kew Bulletin, 72: 24.

Sotoodeh A., L. Civeyrel, F. Attar (2016). A new species of Verbascum L. (Scrophulariaceae) from the Gilan province (Iran), based on morphological and molecular evidences. Adansonia 38: 127-132.

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