Members of TUH

Late Prof. Ahmad Ghahreman
Founder of TUH, botanist, Specialist in anatomy and morphology, genera of Ephedra and Tulipa

Dr. Farideh Attar (Curator):
Specialist in Cousinia, Cynareae Tribe of Asteraceae Family, Scrophularia, Onosma, tree and shrub taxa in Rosaceae Family

Kazem Mahdigholi:
Specialist in Bryophytes, Aromatic plants emphasis Amygdalus (Spartioides group)

Ahmad Reza Okhovat:
Specialist in Suaeda, Medicinal Plants

Dr. Shahin Zarre:
Specialist in Astragalus, Allium and different groups of Liliflorales

Dr. Behnam Hamzeh’ee:
Specialist in Phytosociology, Poaceae  emphasis Stipa, Oryzopsis and Eragrostis, Crataegus

Dr. Farrokh Ghahremani-nejad:
Specialist in Astragalus

Dr. Mansur Mirtazhadini:
Specialist in Jurinea, Acantholimon and Flora of Iran.

Dr. Arash Sotoodeh (Webmaster):
Specialist in Verbascum, Artemisia and molecular phylogeny.