Herbaria codes (Iran)

There are 25 indexed herbaria in Iran, their international codes (sorted by institution name) are:

Herbarium Code Institution
ALUH Alzahra University- Tehran
HAU Alzahra University– Tehran
BASU Bu-Ali Sina University– Hamedan
DU Damghan University
FUMH Ferdowsi University– Mashhad
IRAN Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection– Tehran
IAUH Islamic Azad University- Tehran
IAUGH Islamic Azad University Garmsar
IAUM Islamic Azad University of Mashhad
IAUNT Islamica Azad University, North Tehran Branch
KF Kerman University of Medical Sciences
FAR Kharazmi University–  Tehran
T Kharazmi University– Tehran
HKS Research Center of Agricultural and Natural Resources Kurdistan Province– Sanandaj
RANK Research Center of Agriculture and Natural Resources of Kermanshah province
TARI Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands- Tehran
HNPGBI Seed and Plant Improvement Institute– Karaj
MPH Shahid Behershti University– Tehran
HSBU Shahid Beheshti University– Tehran
TMRC Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences– Tehran
TUH Tehran University
GUM University of Guilan- Rasht
HCAT University of Tabriz
KAR University of Tehran– Karaj
TEH University of Tehran- Faculy of pharmacy