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Onosma deltiphylla and O. humilis (Boraginaceae), two new species from Iran

Onosma deltiphylla Attar, Mirtadz. & Sotoodeh and O. humilis Attar, Sotoodeh & Mirtadz. (Boraginaceae) are described as new species from Iran. Morphologically the closest species to O. deltiphylla are O. microcarpa and O. sabalanica, while O. humilis is very distinct due to its very small size, and its closest relative is believed to be O. nana. Morphological traits distinguishing these species from the congeners include the shape of the leaves under the inflorescence and the size of the corolla.

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Cite as: Attar F., Mirtadzadini M. & Sotoodeh A. (2023). Onosma deltiphylla and O. humilis (Boraginaceae), two new species from Iran. Ann. Bot. Fennici 60: 161–166.

New findings in Onosma section Protonosma (Boraginaceae) using morphological and molecular evidence

During a survey of the genus Onosma L. section Protonosma Popov subsect. Rostellatae Riedl, we examined several populations assigned to Onosma rostellata Lehm. (sensu lato) using morphology and molecular evidence. Our morphological review revealed a hairy corolla outside in all specimens, an anther length equal to the filament length, and nectariferous rings hairy or glabrous, as opposed to the descriptions provided in Flora Iranica and Flora of Turkey.
We updated itsdescription which were in contradiction with the character states found on the type specimen.
Five new taxa were identified among the specimens identified as O. rostellata to date and described based on molecular data and morphological examination: 
Onosma khatamsazii Attar, Mirtadzadini & Sotoodeh – a new species from Kermanshah province, 
O. fareghanensis Attar, Mirtadzadini & Sotoodeh – a new species from the mountainous region of the north of Hormozgan province, and 
Onosma maharluensis Attar, Mirtadzadini & Sotoodeh – a new species including two subspecies, namely :
O. maharluensis Attar, Mirtadzadini & Sotoodeh subsp. maharluensis and 
O. maharluensis subsp. boyer-ahmadica Attar, Sotoodeh & Mirtadzadini from Iran.

To download the article please click here (DOI: 10.1080/23818107.2023.2166581).

Cite as: Farideh Attar, Arash Sotoodeh, Mansour Mirtadzadini, Mehdi Daemi & Laure Civeyrel (2023): New findings in Onosma section Protonosma (Boraginaceae) using morphological and molecular evidence, Botany Letters,
DOI: 10.1080/23818107.2023.2166581

Two new species of genus Cousinia (Asteraceae, Cardueae) from W and NE Iran

Two new species of Cousinia are described from Iran. 
Cousinia bornmulleriana from the west that can be placed in sect. Haussknechtii based on some key characters such as flower numbers, phyllary numbers and the inflorescence form traits. This species can be also compared with its closest relative C. haussknechtii. and C. karkasensis.
The second new species, C. semnanensis, from North East of Iran, belongs to the sect. Stenocephalae for its flower numbers, winged stem, and phyllaries shape, and is compared to C. alexeenkoana and C. glaucopsis as its close relative.

To download the article please click here (DOI: 10.29252/nbr.9.2.144).

Cite as: Attar F, Maroofi H, Mirtadzadini M, Sotoodeh A. Two new species of genus Cousinia (Asteraceae, Cardueae) from W and NE Iran. nbr. 2022; 9 (2) :144-152


Verbascum birjandense and V. urumiense (Scrophulariaceae), two new endemic species for Flora of Iran

Abstract. Verbascum birjandense and V. urumiense are described as new endemic species of Verbascum from eastern and northwestern Iran. It was not possible to assign the samples of these two taxa to any of the known Verbascum species in Iran and adjacent regions. Collating the morphological characters of the samples against the specialized and pertinent literature of the genus led us to propose them as new species. Both belong to section Bothrosperma, subsection Fasciculata.
These new species are morphologically close to V. erianthum and V. songaricum based on some key characteristics, but show some differences in basal leaves shape, pedicel size, the ratio of pedicel to calyx, presence of hairs inside the corolla, and the hair color of the stamen’s filaments.

Cite as: Sotoodeh A., Attar F., Laitung B., Civeyrel L. (2022). Verbascum birjandense and V. urumiense (Scrophulariaceae), two new endemic species for Flora of Iran. Phytotaxa, 538: 035–044.

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Taxonomic Importance Of Nutlets And Flowers In Tribe Cynoglosseae (Boraginaceae)

The macro and micro-morphology of flowers and nutlets of 35 species of Boraginaceae belonging to the Tribe Cynoglosseae have been studied by light and scanning electron microscopes.
These include Paracaryum (8 species), Mattiastrum (11 species), Microparacaryum (4 species), Rindera (4 species), Cynoglossum (3 species), Solenanthus (2 species), Trachelanthus (1 species), and Lindelofia (1 species).
Nutlets morphology of the examined species showed significant variation in shape, size, and surface ornamentation.
Two main types of nutlets were defined:
Type I, without a wing, nutlets densely glochidiate, was observed in Cynoglossum, Solenanthus, Trachelanthus, and Lindelofia;
Type II, characterized by winged nutlets, was found in all examined species of Paracaryum, Mattiastrum, Microparacaryum, and Rindera.
Our results highlight the importance of the floral and nutlet characters for the identification of the most studied species, based on cluster analysis. The main aim of the present study is to investigate the macro and micro-morphological characteristics of the studied species for the taxonomic identification and species delimitation at the tribal level. For quick and easy identification of the species, identification keys based on floral characters have been developed.

Fig. 4. UPGMA clustering based on nutlet and flower characteristics.

Cite as: Attar F., Sotoodeh A., Sheidai M., Esfandni-Bozchloyi S., & M. Mirtadzadini (2021) Taxonomic Importance Of Nutlets And Flowers In Tribe Cynoglosseae (Boraginaceae). Iranian Journal of Botany 27 (2): 146-163 10.22092/ijb.2021.355061.1330

Potentilla alborzensis Faghir & Attar

A new species of the genus Potentilla L. (Rosaceae) from the Tehran province (Iran)

Potentilla alborzensis Faghir & Attar, sp. nov. (Rosaceae) is collected from steppe Mountains of Tang-e Washi, in the middle of Alborz Mountains for the first time. The new species is related to section Aureae (Rydb.) Juz. for its palmate radical leaves, having straight hairs and glandular trichomes; corymbiform inflorescence; hairy and glandular sepals; clavate and papillose style, shorter than or as long as matured ovary. Detailed micro- and macromorphological descriptions of the newly collected species, as well as photographs and distribution map are provided. In addition, comparison of diagnostic traits with allied species especially P. crantzii (Crantz) Beck ex Fritsch, P. adenophylla Boiss. & Hohenack., P. gelida C. A. Mey., P. geranioides Willd. and identification key are presented.


Onosma new species

Onosma khorramabadensis, O. lorestanica, O. sahandica and O. kerendica are described and photographed as new species from Lorestan, Eest Azarbayejan and Kermanshah provinces of Iran.

Cite as: Attar F., Sotoodeh A., Mirtadzadini M. (2020) Four new species in subsection Asterotricha for the genus Onosma L. (Boraginaceae) from flora of Iran. Feddes Repert, 131: 146-158. 

Some articles from 2018 and 2019


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Sotoodeh A., Attar F.,Andalo C., Mirtajaldini M. And L. Civeyrel. (2018). Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran. Adansonia, 40:171-181.

Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran

Verbascum carmanicum (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor. subsp. carmanicum
Verbascum carmanicum (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor. subsp. kermanense (Hub.-Mor.) Sotoodeh, Attar, Andalo & Civeyrel, comb. nov., stat. nov.
Verbascum gabrielae (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor.

Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran
Sotoodeh A., Attar F., Andalo C., Mirtadzadini M. & Civeyrel L. 2018. — Focus sur trois taxa de du genre Verbascum L. (Scrophulariaceae) de la Flore d’Iran. Adansonia 40 (13): 171-181.

Verbascum articles (new species, new records and synonymy)

Two new species, three new records and one synonymy of Verbascum:

Sotoodeh A., F. Attar and L. Civeyrel (2017). Verbascum songaricum subsp. Subdecurrens: a New Record; Typification and True Identity of V. aspinum as a New Synonym of V. stachydiforme in the Flora of Iran. Kew Bulletin, 72: 24.

Sotoodeh A., L. Civeyrel, F. Attar (2016). A new species of Verbascum L. (Scrophulariaceae) from the Gilan province (Iran), based on morphological and molecular evidences. Adansonia 38: 127-132.

Sotoodeh A., L. Civeyrel, F. Attar (2015). Verbascum shahsavarensis (Scrophulariaceae), a new species for Flora of Iran. Phytotaxa, 203: 76-80.

Sotoodeh A., L. Civeyrel, A. Zamani & F. Attar (2014). Verbascum oreophilum var. oreophilum and Verbascum cheiranthifolium var. asperulum (Scrophulariaceae) Two new records for the flora of Iran. Phytotaxa 173: 205-210.