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Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran

Verbascum carmanicum (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor. subsp. carmanicum
Verbascum carmanicum (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor. subsp. kermanense (Hub.-Mor.) Sotoodeh, Attar, Andalo & Civeyrel, comb. nov., stat. nov.
Verbascum gabrielae (Bornm.) Hub.-Mor.

Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran
Sotoodeh A., Attar F., Andalo C., Mirtadzadini M. & Civeyrel L. 2018. — Focus sur trois taxa de du genre Verbascum L. (Scrophulariaceae) de la Flore d’Iran. Adansonia 40 (13): 171-181. https://doi.org/10.5252/adansonia2018v40a13

Verbascum articles (new species, new records and synonymy)

Two new species, three new records and one synonymy of Verbascum:

Sotoodeh A., F. Attar and L. Civeyrel (2017). Verbascum songaricum subsp. Subdecurrens: a New Record; Typification and True Identity of V. aspinum as a New Synonym of V. stachydiforme in the Flora of Iran. Kew Bulletin, 72: 24.

Sotoodeh A., L. Civeyrel, F. Attar (2016). A new species of Verbascum L. (Scrophulariaceae) from the Gilan province (Iran), based on morphological and molecular evidences. Adansonia 38: 127-132.

Sotoodeh A., L. Civeyrel, F. Attar (2015). Verbascum shahsavarensis (Scrophulariaceae), a new species for Flora of Iran. Phytotaxa, 203: 76-80.

Sotoodeh A., L. Civeyrel, A. Zamani & F. Attar (2014). Verbascum oreophilum var. oreophilum and Verbascum cheiranthifolium var. asperulum (Scrophulariaceae) Two new records for the flora of Iran. Phytotaxa 173: 205-210.